the salon

GEM continues to perform services in a sanitary and disinfected establishment. Prior to the ever-evolving COVID 19 pandemic, we have always maintained a clean service environment, per State of California Consumer Affairs Guidelines, for all our gems making it a safe place every day. The Department of Consumer Affairs has strict protocols and continues to push accountability in our industry. GEM is equipped with a built-in air purification system that cycles air out removing airborne viruses, bacteria, particles, and many more that our eyes can’t see. Leaving us with clean air to breathe! Our establishment is safe, and happy to be open. Currently, we are open by appointment only. Please contact your professional to make an appointment. For new guests, feel free to call or text your desired professional or the front desk to get you in the books! Upon arrival, please call/text your professional to let them know you are in the parking lot, and he/she will be right out to let you in. Sign in is required at entry. Thank you for understanding our current protocol and supporting us during this time. We look forward to your visit!